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The main products of Shanxi Huakang Construction Materials C0.,Ltd. include : new microglass fiber , AGM separator for VRLA batteries , plate coated paper for lead - acid batteries , air filter paper , etc . At present , the annual production capacity of new microglass fiber is 55,000 tons , and the annual production capacity of AGM separator is 28,000 tons .
Huakang AGM separator is made of special microglass fiber , with modern automatic production equipment to ensure products consistency, and provides advanced solutions for the development and progress of the lead-acid battery industry.
Company Profile

Company Profile

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        Shanxi Huakang Green Construction Materials Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanxi Sunlight Coking Co., Ltd. Sunlight Group has been established since 1988. After 30 years of development and growth, it now has more than 6,000 employees. A clean and environmentally friendly advanced coal coking chemical and new material enterprise group integrating railway transportation, logistics and commerce, and international trade is the main body of construction for one of the six "10 million-ton coking production bases" in Shanxi Province. The annual coal output of the group company is 5 million tons, the annual raw coal washing is 8 million tons, the annual coke production is 5 million tons, the 4 sets of gas purification systems supply 1 billion cubic meters of gas outside the year, and the annual power generation is 800 million kwh.
       The group has an annual coal tar processing capacity of 1.08 million tons, an annual carbon black output of 350,000 tons, and an annual onion oil processing capacity of 100,000 tons. The railway industrial station and more than 200 large vehicles for road transportation provide convenient and smooth logistics; it has its own coal research center and carbon black research and development center, which provides precise support for product development and core technology creation. (Group website
       Huakang Company was established in January 2015, covering an area of 65000 square meters, with 550 employees. The address is located in Wangjialing Circular Economy Industrial Park, Hejin City, Shanxi Province. Geographical coordinates: 110 degrees east longitude, 35 degrees north latitude, the triangle where the Fen River and the Yellow River converge.
       Huakang's main products are: new microfiber materials, AGM separators for VRLA  batteries. Current production capacity: 55,000 tons/year of microglass fiber, 28,000 tons/year of AGM separators. The main process equipment includes: 1 set of 2500Nm3/h cryogenic air separation unit, three full-oxygen pool kilns for raw materials of new fiber materials, 330 sets of new microfiber material production units, and 12 sets of AGM separator units.
       Huakang Company established an enterprise technology center in May 2019. The technology center has a total investment of 5 million yuan. The scientific research site covers an area of 630 square meters and has complete hardware. It undertakes the development and testing of various related technologies and new products of the company. There are 18 technicians in the technology center. In May 2019, it passed the certification of ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSMS18001 occupational health and safety management system. In March 2020, the DuPont safety management and improvement project system was introduced.
       Huakang Company will obedience to the service idea of "Customer First" of Sunlight Group. With the stable coke oven gas and self-provided electricity supply of the group company, Huakang Company will realize stable production and provide customers with high-quality products and follow-up services. At present, it is the world's largest single production capacity factory, with a domestic market share of about 30%.



Shanxi Huakang Green Construction Materials Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Huakang Green Construction Materials Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanxi Sunlight Coking Co., Ltd. Huakang Construction Materials is committed to the development direction of the group company's coke oven gas utilization or the group company's solid waste treatment to escort the development of the group company. 

Address: Wangjialing Circular Economy Industrial Park, Hejin City,Shanxi Province,China

Coordinates: 110 degrees East, 35 degrees North, the triangle where the Fen River and the Yellow River converge
Post Code:043300


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